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Contract & Registration

Contract and Registration Form



Contract and Registration Form

These rules and regulations become part of the exhibit space for the YMM Home Show hosted by the Fort McMurray Construction Association. 


Company Name:
Contact Person:
Postal Code:
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We require a description of the products/services you wish to display in your booth before we can approve your application.  Only those items described below, and approved by the Show Organizers will be permitted to be displayed at the show.  We do not offer exclusivity of product or service.

What category would your company fall under?
 Home Builder
 Home Renovation
 Home Decor
 Interior/Exterior Design

Booth Preference:  Placement is on a first come, first served basis with full payment. 

Please select the size of booth you want:

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Booth Size # Available
Booth Pricing
7 x 8 (no power)20$300.00
10 x 1030$850.00

Contracts are not deemed completed until we have received full payment.

Please send the completed contract and registration form along with payment to:
Fort McMurray Construction Association
#208, 9715 Main Street
Fort McMurray, AB T9H 1T5


Fax: 1-888-515-7266


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Rules and Regulations:


  • No exhibitor will be permitted space, or part of exhibit space, until payment has been made in full.


  • Cancellation of space must be received in writing and received by the Show Organizers no later than 60 days prior to the start of the show.  Exhibitor will receive their payment less $150.00 plus GST cancellation fee.  Exhibitors that cancel after that time will forfeit their entire payment.  Cancellation requests can be emailed to or faxed to 1-888-515-7266.


  • Exhibitor agrees to display only products that are outlined on the front of this contract.  Exhibitor agrees that no product will be exhibited, parked or stored except in exhibit space contracted and paid for.
  • Subletting of space is prohibited.  Two or more firms may not exhibit in a single space unless approved by the Show Organizers.
  • No nails or screws may be driven into the floor of the show building.  Only the use of double face cloth tape is permitted on building walls or floors.  No damage of any nature may be done to the booth structures or any part of the building.  Exhibitors will be held responsible for damages.
  • All aisles must be clear of exhibits, interviews, demonstrations and distribution of literature.  No canvassing, solicitation of business or conference in the interest of business except by exhibiting firms is allowed.
  • All combustible exhibit and display materials must be flame proofed.  Explosive materials are not allowed on the premises.  Vehicles may not be operated on the premises during show hours.  Gas tanks may not be more than one quarter full of gas.  Tank openings must have a secure cap and be taped to prevent fumes from escaping.  Battery cables must be disconnected and taped to prevent contact.
  • All rules, regulations and codes pertaining to Public Buildings, Liquor Health, Fire, City Ordinates, Safety and Electrical, both provincial and municipal, must be adhered to.
  • Use of audiovisual equipment will be permitted where appropriate to the display, provided sound is maintained at not more than “conversation” level.  The Show organizers reserve the right to restrict exhibitor’s use of sound and other devices which may interfere with the best interests of the show.


  • RISKS:  All property used or exhibited is at the sole risk of the Exhibitor, and the Licensor will not assume any responsibility for the safety of exhibits against theft, robbery, fire, accidents or for any matter or thing whatsoever, or for bodily injury or damage to property or persons caused by the operations of the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor understands and agrees that the Licensor shall assume no responsibility for representations or warranties given by the Exhibitor to the public regarding its products or services or for transactions or contracts between the Exhibitor and the public, or for any losses or damages arising there from.  It is understood and agreed by the Exhibitor that the Show Organizers may cancel the Show, or this contract, if in the opinion of the Show Organizers that the Show would be impractical and/or inadvisable.


  • INSURANCE:  The Exhibitor shall hold the Licensor harmless from any damage, expense or liability, to or in respect to any person, arising out of the Exhibitor’s occupancy of the said licensed space or anything or matter connected with occupancy or the activities of the Exhibitor, its servants, agents or employees in conjunction therewith, whether or not such activities shall occur in the licensed space, building or elsewhere.


  • All exhibits must remain intact until the close of the show.  Exhibitors shall maintain a responsible individual or individuals in the leased space at all times during the Show, and ensure that they are familiar with the rules and regulations of the Show.
  • The Show Organizers retain the right to restrict, exclude or evict Exhibitors or Exhibits, which, because of their method of operation, become objectionable or in the opinion of the Show Organizers detract from the general character of the Show.  This includes person, things, printed matter or anything else the Show Organizers judge to be objectionable.  In the event that the above mentioned becomes necessary, the Organizers may retain the rent paid as liquidated damages for breach of this agreement.


  • Racks and display shelves must not exceed eight feet in height and exhibitors are required to exercise care so that their displays do not unduly obstruct visibility of adjacent displays.  At least 50% of the total area between adjacent exhibits must allow for eye level visibility.


  • Suspended signs will not be allowed in the Show building.  Signs must not exceed eight-foot height restrictions and may not be attached to, or painted on, equipment and machinery above that height.  If your display is prefabricated and exceeds the height restriction, please advise the Show Organizers so a special location can be arranged.


  • The Show Organizers shall have full power in the interpretation and enforcement of all Rules and Regulations and the power to make such amendments and additional rules and regulations as considered necessary for the proper conduct of the Exhibition.


  I acknowledge that I have read the Rules and Regulations on this contract and understand that they shall be incorporated into and form part of this contract.